Newport Bus Smartcards | Easy | Buy Online | Cheaper Travel

Smartcards are a great value way to travel across the Newport Bus network.

Newport Transport Smartcards

Using one of the Newport Transport Smartcards, you can catch any of our buses at any time they operate, from as little as £1.90 a day. Valid on Newport Bus only.

BAMBOO Smartcard

Newport Bus make it cheaper and easier for everyone between 5 and 16 years of age, to use our bus services with our great BAMBOO card. Kool! You can buy the BAMBOO Smartcard ONLINE NOW.

BAMBOO can be topped up with weekly and monthly or hold credit for the full year. It is for everyone under the age of 15. You can top up your BAMBOO smartcard at the Travel Centre at Newport Bus Station or do your weekly top-ups on the bus. You are never committed to having to pay for a ticket every week, month or year; you just buy the pass you need, when you need it. Switching from a weekly pass to a 4-weekly pass? No problem! Don't want to top-up your card while you're away on summer holiday? That's fine!

The BAMBOO card can also be used to purchase single, City Day and City Day Plus Tickets at a child price. It starts at only £1.25 for a single in zone 1 and £1.75 on both zones. Just ask for a BAMBOO ticket you need on the bus, no ID required*.

More information about the BAMBOO and our other Smartcards can be viewed on our FAQs page.

Passport & Passport Plus Smartcards

Regular adult users will benefit from Newport Bus Passport (Adult) and Passport Plus (Adult) cards.

You can buy these cards online or at our Travel Centre in Friars Walk. You can top up your weekly card on any of our buses: simply pay the desired amount in cash and present your card to the Smartcard reader, to electronically add the cash credit to your card. For monthly top-ups, please visit our travel centre.

When you purchase your card online, and we will send one out to you free of charge by first class post. Once you receive it, you can use it on any of our buses.  Read more about how these cards work ..........

Family Tickets

Mums and Dads - save more than £5 a day with a Family Day Ticket! The Family Day Ticket gives two adults and up to three children, complete access to our entire network of services - including to and from Cardiff, Cwmbran and Chepstow. Better still it only costs £8.50 per day. Bargain!